critical listening 202402

albums/LPs listened to from start-to-finish critically and preferably w/zero distractions.

20240226 Gustavo Santaolalla Ronroco, Nonesuch 44.1kHz/16bit ALAC: [2024]
20240224 Simon Hanes Tsons of Tsunami, CD: Tzadik TZ-4045 [2024]
20240223 Periphery Periphery, CD: - [2023]
20240221 The Smile Wall of Eyes, CD: XL XL1394CD EU [2024]
20240221 Ihsahn Ihsahn [Orchestral], CD: Candlelight CNDL800238SP PL [2023]
20240219 Spectral Voice Sparagmos, Dark Descent DDR303 ~ 48.0kHz/24bit ALAC: [2024]
20240218 Carnosus Visions of Instrumentalihility, 44.1kHz/24bit ALAC: [2024]
20240218 Ghoul Noxious Concoctions, Tankcrimes TC137 ~ 44.1kHz/16bit ALAC: [2024]
20240218 Madison Cunningham Who Are You Now, CD: Verve Forecast B0030031-02 [2019]
20240217 Vijay Iyer Compassion, CD: ECM ECM-2760, 556-7498 [2024]
20240216 Chelsea Wolfe She Reaches out to She Reaches out to She, CD: Loma Vista LVR03761 [2024]
20240214 Ryo Kawasaki Juice, CD: Mr Bongo MRBCD252 UK [2022]
20240201 Ethan Iverson Technically Acceptable, CD: Blue Note 00602455812186 [2024]
20240201 Pupil Slicer Blossom, CD: Prosthetic PROS1057112 [2023]

2024-02-26 critical listening

uncritical listening 202402

singles, albums, playlists, and podcasts listened to throughout the day; typically while exercising (e.g., outdoor walking, gym) or infrequently while doing/otherwise at work. shout out to SomaFM; i listen to their various stations (all-time favorite: Illinois Street Lounge) on a daily basis far too often to annotate herein.

20240223 Zulu A New Tomorrow, Flatspot, 2023
20240223 Podcast: The Reason Roundtable: Goodbye, Navalny
20240220 Bar Kokhba Lucifer: Book of Angels, Vol. 10, CD: Tzadik TZ-7367 [2008]
20240215 Troxy Music: Fifties and Sixties Film Themes, CD: Croydon Municipal CR9-009 EU [2014]
20240213 Podcast: Darko.Audio podcast: #51 - Naim, Hifi Rose, Antelope, RAAL, Carbide & LHY
20240212 Eye Flys Eye Flys, Thrill Jockey, 2024
20240212 Trastorned Into the Void, Dying Victims, 2023
20240212 Podcast: Honestly with Bari Weiss: Andrew Sullivan on What He Got Wrong About Trump
20240209 Podcast: The Vinyl Guide - Artist Interviews for Record Collectors and Music Nerds: Ep435: The Return of Melvins w/ Dale Crover
20240201 Instrumental Favorites: Latin Rhythms, CD: Time Life TCD-453, R986-12 [1995]

2024-02-23 uncritical listening