uncritical listening 202407

singles, albums, playlists, and podcasts listened to throughout the day; typically while exercising (e.g., outdoor walking, gym) or infrequently while doing/otherwise at work. shout out to SomaFM; i listen to their various stations (all-time favorite: Illinois Street Lounge) on a daily basis far too often to annotate herein.

20240722 Podcast: Honestly with Bari Weiss: The Free Press Live: Biden Drops Out
20240721 Podcast: Making Sense with Sam Harris: #376 — How Democracies Fail
20240720 Tropicale: When La Dolce Vita Discovered Exotica, Calypso, Mambo, Samba and Other Tropical Rhythms (1959—1969), Creazioni Artistiche Musicali, 2024
20240720 Podcast: Darko.Audio podcast: #56 - If EVERY hi-fi manufacturer did this… (+ FiiO, IKEA & Triangle)
20240717 Dissimulator Lower Form Resistance, 20 Buck Spin, 2024
20240717 Podcast: Making Sense with Sam Harris: #375 — On the Attempted Assassination of President Trump
20240717 Podcast: The Reason Roundtable: Is Violent Rhetoric To Blame for the Trump Assassination Attempt?
20240716 Municipal Waste Slime and Punishment, CD: Nuclear Blast NB-3233-2 [2017]
20240715 Podcast: Honestly with Bari Weiss: Salena Zito Was Four Feet Away When She Heard the Bullets
20240715 Podcast: NBC Meet the Press: July 14 — The fallout of the assassination attempt on Donald Trump
20240714 Testament Practice What You Preach, Atlantic, 1989
20240713 Shakti This Moment (feat. Shankar Mahadevan, Zakir Gussain & John McLaughlin)
20240713 Podcast: The Glenn Show: John McWhorter — Biden’s Disastrous Debate
20240711 Flotsam and Jetsam When the Storm Comes Down, Geffen / UMG 1990
20240709 Burnt by the Sun Heart of Darkness, Relapse, 2009
20240709 Podcast: The Reason Roundtable: Why the Media Covered for Biden
20240708 Dipygus Dipygus, Crypt of the World, 2024
20240708 Podcast: Scars and Guitars: Dave Witte (Municipal Waste)
20240708 Podcast: Honestly with Bari Weiss: Was Legalizing Weed a Mistake? A Debate.
20240707 Podcast: Honestly with Bari Weiss: Hello, and Welcome to My TED Talk
20240707 Replacire The Center That Cannot Hold, Season of Mist, 2024
20240707 Podcast: Talk Louder: Max Cavalera: GAAD
20240706 Cosmic Jaguar El Era del Jaguar, Serhii Bondar, 2024
20240706 Podcast: Talk Louder: Chuck Billy
20240705 Clear Clover Spectate - EP, Clear Clover, 2024
20240704 Bobby McFerrin The Voice, Elektra / Asylum, 1984
20240704 Podcast: Darko.Audio podcast: #55 - We wish we’d known about this earlier…
20240702 Podcast: The Reason Roundtable: Biden, Cognitive Decline, and the End of American Empire
20240701 Candy It’s Inside You, Relapse, 2024
20240701 Podcast: NBC Meet the Press: June 30 — Sen. Raphael Warnock and Gov. Doug Burgum

2024-07-22 uncritical listening

critical listening 202407

albums/LPs listened to from start-to-finish critically and preferably w/zero distractions.

20240722 GNSACH INFINIHATE, 44.1kHz/24bit ALAC: gnasch.bandcamp.com [2024]
20240722 Gloop Tension, 48.0kHz/24bit ALAC: gloopmusic.bandcamp.com [2024]
20240722 Peter-Thomas-Sound-Orchester Raumpatrouille, CD: Bungalow BUNG-009 DE [1996]
20240719 Mr. Bungle Disco Volante, 2LP: Rhino / Warner R1-725866, 081227818418 CZ [2024]
20240718 Mark Guiliana MARK, Edition EDN-1245 ~ 48.0kHz/24bit ALAC: markguiliana.bandcamp.com [2024]
20240716 Municipal Waste Hazardous Mutation, CD: Earache MOSH-323CD EU [2005]
20240715 Les Chants du Hasard Livre Quart, 44.1kHz/16bit ALAC: leschantsduhasard.bandcamp.com [2024]
20240714 Testament The Legacy, Nuclear Blast NBR7113 ~ 44.1kHz/16bit ALAC: qobuz.com [2024]
20240713 Duke Ellington’s Spacemen The Cosmic Scene, CD: Music on CD / Sony / Columbia / Legacy MOCCD14222, 8718627235232 EU [2022]
20240713 Bobby McFerrin Bang!Zoom, CD: Blue Note CDP-531677 [1995]
20240712 200 Stab Wounds Manual Manic Procedures, Metal Blade 3984-16047-2 ~ 48.0kHz/24bit ALAC: 200stabwounds.bandcamp.com [2024]
20240711 Igorrr Spirtuality and Distortion, Metal Blade 3984-15690-2 ~ 44.1kHz/24bit ALAC: igorrr.bandcamp.com [2020]
20240711 Jenny Scheinman Quartet Live at Yoshi’s, CD: Avant AVAN-045 JP [2000]
20240710 Misha Mengelberg Trio Who’s Bridge, CD: Avant AVAN-038 JP [1994]
20240709 Joe Lovano Viva Caruso, CD: Blue Note 7243-5-35986-2-4 [2002]
20240708 Dexter Gordon The Other Side of Round Midnight, CD: Blue Note CDP-7-46397-2, DIDX-929 [1986]
20240707 Black Hole Deity Profane Geometry, Everlasting Spew SPIT086 ~ 48.0kHz/24bit ALAC: everlastingspew.bandcamp.com [2024]
20240706 Devin Townsend Ziltoid the Omniscient, 2CD: Inside Out IOMSECD-280 / SPV SPV-79500-CD+CD-E DE [2007]
20240705 Gypsy Creams & Ginger Nuts: Sound That Swept the Supermarkets, CD: RPM RPM-328 EU [2007]
20240705 John Zorn Her Melodious Lay, CD: Tzadik TZ-9309 [2024]
20240704 Dexter Gordon Our Man in Paris, CD: Blue Note 7243-8-34200-2-5 [1996]
20240703 Dexter Gordon Sophisticated Giant, CD: Music on CD / Sony / Columbia / Legacy MOCCD14221, 8718627235225 EU [2022]
20240703 Bobby McFerrin Medicine Music, CD: EMI CDP-7-92048-2 [1990]
20240702 Duke Ellington Ellington at Newport 1956 (Complete), 2CD: Columbia / Legacy C2K-64932, CK-65916 [1999]
20240701 The Bob James Trio Bold Conceptions, CD: Verve / Mercury SR-60768, 314-557-454-2 [1998]

2024-07-22 critical listening